Sunday, December 5, 2010

Baby Shower Weekend

Yesterday we had our first baby shower! It was a blast!!! So good to see everyone, especially our old friends. We got a ton of stuff but are still missing some things that we need. Needless to say we will be making a trip to Babies R Us soon. The family in North Carolina is having our shower after the baby is born, so we will have to get the necessities before her grand arrival. There are pictures floating around somewhere, unfortunately I don't have them. But when I do I will make sure to post them.

In other news, its FREEZING here!!! Glad we have plenty of wood to keep us warm. I don't think the high is supposed to get over 35 the whole week. It will be a test of our heater, to say the least.

I'm getting into baking mode and have found several recipes for this years batch. Every year I send cookies to my family in North Carolina and I'm pulling out some new stuff for this year. My brother in law is especially found of them so I'm making sure he has his own little tin full!! I've been getting a grocery list ready and let me tell you, I think I've got to get 5 lbs of butter!!! I'll be starting on that next weekend; making the dough and freezing it for a week before I bake it and then send it to NC with The Man. Any of you planning on a baking extravaganza???

Not much else going on so I'll stop here. Until next time, Ya'll be good!!

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