Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The First Baby Appointment

We had our first doctor's appointment today. It went well. We didn't get to hear the heart beat, which I was disappointed in, but everything else was good. The doctor said I was having a fairly easy pregnancy and was moving along as I should be. I'm at 8 weeks and due February 10, 2011. She did say that I would most likely have to have a c-section. My pelvic bone is just too narrow, but that's ok with me, just as long as we're healthy. The Man came in with me and the doctor explained to him everything we had discussed prior, which I really liked. She assured him that a c-section was nothing to be worried about and that the baby and I were doing just fine. We will get an ultrasound and be able to hear the heart beat at my next appointment in a month. I'm patiently awaiting that!!!

That's about all the news I have. Not much else going on except putting up produce from the garden. I'm hoping to have the majority of it done by the end of the weekend...keyword there is "hoping". Well, here's to hoping!! I'll let you know how it goes! Until then, Ya'll take care!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank The Lord It's Friday!!!

I'm so glad that it's Friday. I don't think it could have come quick enough. Its been a rough week, been really tired. I'm just happy that I get to sleep a bit more tomorrow. I think The Man and I are going to do some major grocery shopping tomorrow. My cabinets are getting low and I DON'T like that. So we'll pack up and travel 30 minutes to one of my favorite stores, Aldi. I love this place..if you've never been to one I hope that some day you will. When The Man and I were just starting off in college we started shopping here to save money. After we moved from North Carolina we have one in town which was a dream come true. Now we have to drive a bit to get to one but hey...it's better than not having one around.

I have to start "putting up" some produce as well. This is the hardest and most rewarding part of my summer. While it's hard, hot work it is totally worth it in the winter when you can't get fresh veggies. Right now the zucchini and yellow squash are plentiful. So I'll be vacuum sealing them to use in soup and casseroles this winter. I'll also be grating zucchini and freezing that to use in zucchini bread. I have a feeling the cucumbers will be next and that means pickles!!! Also have the radishes that are due...even though I don't know what to do with them really. I've got a recipe for Radish Relish but don't know if I'll like it. I'll have to come up with something else to use them for. Needless to say starting this weekend....I'll be busy!!!

I've got my first baby doc appointment on Tuesday. I'm really excited about it, don't know why but I am. Hopefully we'll get to hear the heart beat. I guess that kind of proves there is something in there. I will definitely let you know how that goes =)

Other than that there's not much else going on. I hope all of you have a good weekend. I'll take some photos of the garden so you can see what I'm up against.Til then Ya'll take care!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!

Good Morning! Couldn't sleep any more so I decided to get up and start the day. Today is Father's Day so we'll be heading over to Grammie and Grampie's at some point today to meet up with the family. I'm a big fan of Mother's Day and Father's day...don't know why actually but I guess it's just because its the only day set aside for so many of my loved one's. That and I think being a parent is an honor and those that are should be honored for it.

My Poppa is the greatest, although I haven't thought so all my life, then again who does! There are 3 things that I am extremely thankful for that my father has provided... my education, my trip to Alaska which completely changed my life, and my little sister, Mabel. There are other things of course but those 3 are at the top. I love the fact that I get to see my father almost every day and I'm kinda dreading him getting a new job cause I know it won't be near home. But duty calls and I'd rather him work now and be home when the baby is born than the alternative.

My Grampie and I have been close since I was born. Don't know why but that's just the way it is. I like to think it was divine intervention but I think we would have been that way regardless. He's the most amazing person I've ever met. You just have to know him to understand what I'm talking about. There's really not much I can put into words about my grandfather, he's just awesome!

My step-father willingly walked into "fatherhood". He doesn't have any biological children but he does have children. I commend both of my step parents for all that they've done and truly didn't have to do. It's a selfless thing to take on someone else's children and make them yours over time. I know it wasn't easy, especially with me, but I'm glad they stuck it out. Now I'm even more thrilled to make them grandparents.

Last but not least is The Man. He's a father to the little pea inside me something I'm sure he didn't expect so soon. I know he will be a wonderful father. Hell he's a child himself!!! LOL!! But in all seriousness, he's really an amazing person as well. His family will always come first and I know when he holds that little bundle his life will change forever, just as it did with my Poppa, Grampie, and Step-dad.

That's a tid bit on the fathers in my life. I don't know what I'd do without them. I hope that each of you has amazing fathers in your life. Ya'll go out and honor your fathers!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Great Weekend

We had to get out of town this weekend. The town in which we live is home to the country's largest outdoor concert festival that lasts 4 days. So every year there is an influx of people....about 100,000 to be exact. Needless to say we were sick of being at home. So we decided to take a short trip to Huntsville, Alabama, which is about an hour or so from us. Poppa and Step-Mommie came with and Mabel met us there. It was a great family vaca on the fly. We mainly ate but we did do a bit of sight seeing while there.

First we ate lunch at Wintzell's Oyster House for lunch. They have the best fried shrimp and key lime pie.

Then we headed to Gander Moutain which is kinda like a Bass Pro Shop but better. We all checked out the firearms and I fell in love with a Banelli Ultra Light. Too bad I didn't have the cash!! It sure would be fun to shoot.

For those of you that don't know...my family and I are "into" guns. I know it sounds red-neck but its true. We love to go out in the pasture and shoot on the weekends. Its quite a stress reliever for me and it can get a bit competative as well.

I also found something else I've been wanting at Gander Mountain....a kayack....and not just any kayak but a HOT PINK one!!! How cool is that?!

After Gander Mountain we did a bit of shopping and met up with Mabel. Then we headed back to the hotel for a rest before dinner, and believe me you have to rest before you eat here.

The famliy is part German and with that comes the immense love for German food and beer. This is one of our favorite German places and let me tell you it's worth every calorie!

I got the Blackforest Snitzel with hot German potato salad and red cabbage. It was amazing!

And for dessert one of their famous homemade cakes. This was the double chocolate fudge and it kill all my pregnant cravings for chocolate.

Needless to say we were exhusted when we were finished but we lived up to the family motto: "We don't quit when we're full, we quit when we're tired". But we did the good thing and went back to the hotel and when swimming, all except Poppa who was just too tired. It actually felt really good to swim and I'm thinking of starting to do that in the mornings before work.

Sunday we went to the Space and Rocket Museum. I've been in love with this place since I was a child and my fasination has not changed. It is a truley cool place and I recommend it to anyone.
The first thing you see is an SR-71 Blackbird, once the fastest plane in the world. As a girl I dreamt of one day following in my Poppa's foot steps and becoming a pilot. This is the plane I wanted to fly. It's totally cool. I find it funny that the awe I had for it as a child is still there.

Then next thing you see is this GIANT rocket. It is so big! Totally awesome!

Starting next week the museum is having a Star Wars exhibit, which I think The Man wants to drive back down and see. They had alot of Star Wars memorabilia around and even had employees dressed up as Jedi.

We went through a bunch of exhibits and saw an IMAX movie about the dream of space. There were a couple scenes that brought a tear to my eye, they were so beautiful.

Poppa was trying out the sleeping restraints and Byron really wanted to drive the space roover! Then we decended upon the gift shop where we found the coolest hats. Of course Mabel and The Man couldn't refuse trying some on.

Two of my favorite things at the museum are a piece of moonrock, something I always wanted, and the actual capsule from the Apollo 16 mission. The capsule is so cool, you can see charing on the outside from re-entry. I know, I'm a nerd, but I love this kind of stuff!

It was a really great weekend and I'm so glad that we got to spend it as a family. I think there will be more of these quick weekend trips cause we had suck a blast!

In other news I've been having more pregnancy symptoms, the newest is my feet and legs retaining water. I never exspected this to hit at 5 weeks but it did with avengence!!! I can't even get my shoes on! Panicing I called the doc and got in for some bloodwork. Everything has come back normal so its just me being pregnant. I guess it could be worse. I have to keep my feet up as much as possible and stay out of the heat, both of which are do-able!
I guess that's about all...at least I hope so!! I've written enough don't cha think! I'll leave you at that, need to get my feet up anyways. Ya'll have a good one!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

And Baby Makes Three

That's right....I'm pregnant! Found out the other day and it has been confirmed by my general physician. We're so very excited. We were going to wait a short while before telling everyone but that was just not possible. The reaction was just about the same across the board....screaming and crying. I think out of all of them my sister was the best. She just kept saying " Oh My God" over and over again for like 5 minutes straight! It was so funny! I wish we could have recorded every one's reaction.

The Man's reaction was equally amusing. I'm glad I grabbed the positive test in the bio-hazard bag before leaving the doc's office because he didn't believe me. He was in shock for a long while, then I told him he was gonna be a Daddy and he got a little teary eyed. I think that broke the spell a bit. Now he's in full baby mode, which is amazing. I didn't think it would hit so fast. He's checking out things online and thinking of names. He's so cute.

As for me, well I've got heartburn....BAD! Mother said she was never sick with me nor Mabel and I pray everyday that I will be the same. I have had a couple small bits of nausea and some constant heartburn but if that's all then I'll take it. I'm also extremely tired. I came home from work yesterday at 5pm, took a nap til 6:45pm, woke up to cook dinner and was back in bed by 8:15pm. The Man was like "What's wrong with you?" But when you think about what my body is actually doing....its not hard to believe why I'm so drained. Being the science geeks that we are, The Man and I understand completely what my body is doing and I intend to give it as much sleep as it needs =)

I think the most exciting part is getting to share all of this with my family. They're all so excited! My Grandfather, who makes beautiful things out of wood, said he better head to Home Depot, and my sister and aunts said they can't wait to start shopping. I feel so blessed to have a family that supports us so entirely. I've got a funny feeling that our child will want for nothing. I'm so glad we get to share this with all of them. Honestly, The Man and I wouldn't have made it this far without all our their help and support.

Lord, I'm only a couple of weeks in and already I'm getting emotional! I just think I've got the most amazing in the world....that's all. Well, I'm getting tired (imagine that) so I'll stop myself here. Ya'll take care!