Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Beach

Well it was a long weekend. Lots of time in the car but it was all worth it. We arrived Thursday afternoon safe and sound. I got to visit with my sorority sister Jennifer and was finally able to meet my "niece" Haidyn. Isn't she just precious. She's a miracle baby. When Jen was about 8 and a half months pregnant she was in a horrible car accident that broke her back and a had her in a halo for a long while. She gave birth to little Haidyn naturally in a halo!!! Yep she's that good. We almost lost them....thank God we didn't!!!

Friday The Man and I visited with his grandparents and headed to the beach. We spent most of Friday by ourselves, everyone had to work. So we walked the beach, the same one where he proposed, and ate a nice seafood dinner together. Then we headed to the family beach house to meet up with the rest of the bunch. It was a gorgeous day at the beach! Here are just a few of the shots I took.

On Saturday we all piled up and went shopping, first to the local flea market, my personal favorite, and then to the outlet malls. I found a bunch of things at the flea market but nothing I couldn't live without. The Man finally found himself a Tarheels Flag for The Farm. I have a feeling it will be making its debut this week! I got a pair of Crocs at the Croc outlet for 15 bucks!!! Now I have something to wear out in the garden!! Yippy! The we all went to a Chinese buffet with crab legs and let me just say....boy did we give them a run for their money!! I'm surprised they didn't kick us out!! Between my father-in-law and myself we definitely ate more crab legs than we paid for!!!
We were up early yesterday and headed home. It was a good trip...wish we had a couple more days though. I miss my sister-in-law Whitney. We really get along and don't get to see each other often. I'm hoping that she and her husband, Phillip, will be able to come visit this summer.
We'll I'm off to bed. Its been a long day and I'm ready to put my feet up and read a bit. Ya'll have a good night!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring and Twilight...What More Could I Want

Spring has finally arrived at The Farm. My favorite flower, Hyacinth, is blooming in my kitchen widow. My Bradford Pear is about to burst and the tell tale sign that spring has arrived, daffodils, have bloomed. Here are a couple shoots of whats going on.

We are gearing up for the rest of The Farm to come alive. The Man and I went down to the local Co-op and picked up some seeds for the garden and I've started getting all that together. A couple more weeks and everything will be in full swing.
As for the New Moon release was a BLAST!!!! Man can my sister throw a party!!! Talk about awesome!!! The pictures don't do it justice. Everything was black and red, including us. We found the capes online and they were the highlight of the night. Mabel served some awesome meatballs, hot crab dip, cheese and sausage tray, stuffed cherry tomatoes, and a bunch of other things. No one walked away hungry. She also gave out amazing favors which I didn't get any pictures of. It was totally worth the drive down, plus I got to spend some extra time with her, which is always a good thing.

I was definately a memorable night. Now its onto the next trip. We're on our way to North Carolina as I type, stopping over in Georgia for the night and driving the rest of the way tomorrow. Friday we're leaving for the beach!! So excited!!! We haven't been to the beach since The Man proposed 3 years ago. I will be taking pictures and introducing you to all my NC family. Until then..Ya'll go out and have fun!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm Alive

Wow!!! Its been a while!! We've been busy around here. Poppa and Step-Mommie have been here and Mabel came home for her birthday. She really loved her cake!!!

She shares her birthday with her Godmother, Sherri, whom I made the string quilt for. I finished the quilt only hours before the party but it turned out ok. I really wanted to quilt it but didn't have the time. I think it looks pretty good. I'll definately be making another.

Sherri really loved it. She liked looking at all the different fabric prints. She said it was like "I Spy." I'm sure it will keep her warm for a long time.
I'm heading down to Mississippi this weekend to see Mabel. She's hosting a New Moon release party Saturday night. We're HUGE Twilight Saga fans and we're both syked about the movie coming out. I'll be taking lots of pictures!! Its going to be great!!!
Next weekend The Man and I are heading to North Carolina to visit his family. We both went to college there and all his family is there. I'm actually looking forward to it. I haven't been in over a year. I miss my sister-in-law Whitney and all my sorority sisters, one of which is getting married that weekend. I'll be going to the ceremony. We'll take plenty of pictures and I'll be bringing the laptop and internet so hopefully I'll have time to make a post or two.
Well, its a bit short but its a post. I'll try by best to keep you all in the loop in the next couple of weeks. Until next times...Ya'll have a good one!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Weekend!

I has been a busy weekend...lots of things going on. Our last night of bee school was Friday. They were drawing for a bee keeping starter kit and The Man won!!! So we've already got some of the basics taken care of. Part of winning was to become members of the local and state bee keeping associations, which we did. We also ordered our bees from a local guy that raises them. They'll be heading our way around the end of April, so we'll have to have everything ready by then. I'm so excited...I've been wanting to keep bees for a while now and its finally happening.

We also purchased some fruit trees, apples and peaches. The Man grew up with fresh peaches every year and wants to start having some of our own. In order to make room for the new trees we had to get rid of some old ones. There were 5 Bradford Pears lining the driveway and they were breaking all the time so we decided to cut them down and plant the fruit trees there. So The Man got a new chain saw for the occation and he and Poppa cut down the Bradford Pears. Then we hauld all the brush back to the barn and dug the holes for the new trees. All in all we got alot of work done. I'll have pictures soon, just wanted to make a quick post to let you know that we're alive.

We really had a good weekend. Got alot down and planned alot more!! The Man and Poppa were planning all kinds of things. I think the next projects will include a deck, new outside doors, lighting inside and out, and updating the fireplace. Between the two of them I know they can get it all done...and then some.

I think thats about it for tonight...really tired. Until next time, Ya'll have a good one!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bee Keeping

Let me tell you all about bees!!! The past two days have been packed full of knowledge! The first night we went over bee biology, most of which I already knew but The Man learned a couple things. The second night we did the basics of keeping bees, the anatomy of the hive, and how to put hives together. Tonight we had an off night, which was well deserved. We've been getting in late every night and the girls have been mad at us. Don't know what we'll learn tomorrow night but I'm sure it will be interesting. I've been so thrilled to learn something new and I can't wait to start setting up my own hives. We've still got a couple more things to learn and we're going to get a local couple to our mentors but we're on our way to beeing bee keepers!!!

In other news, I've finally got rid of my headache!!! And I'm almost healthy again which is a relief. I'm glad to finally be feeling better again. Now to get rid of my cough and all will be well. There's really nothing else new to report. Gonna go play with my girls now. I'll let you know how the rest of bee school turns out. Ya'll have a good one!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

feeling much better

Well The Man and I are feeling much better after a weekend of resting. Still feeling a bit congested but much better. My CT Scan came back normal which was great news and I'll get the rest of my test results next week. Hopefully they'll be fine too. I'm making a quick post on my break cause I won't be able to tonight. The Man and I are going to Bee Keeping School all this week so my nights are booked now. I thought I would let you know. I hope to let you all know how its going at some point this week. Until then Ya'll have a good one.