Monday, March 12, 2012


Boy did I get a ot accomplished this weekend. I found this website and this website via Pinterest (my new addiction) and both helped me with my cleaning and cooking issues.

I spent all Saturday morning shopping and preparing about 12 meals that are in the freezer waiting to be thrown in the crock pot. I also made a big batch of granola, which we eat with yogurt and as cereal. I've got all my meals for the week planned and prepped, lasagna and Mexican stuff shells. Then, yesterday, I got into Gabbie's room and finally started organizing it.

My wonderful step-mommie is spending a couple of days with us while she is in town, so I am putting her to work finishing up the organization in there. Now if I could just get the guest room and my craft area organized it would be great. Byron won't be subing for the next two weeks because of spring break. I'm wondering if I could talk him into painting!!! The living room, bedroom, and fire place need to be re-painted bad!!!! Hey, a girl can dream!!!

Well, I'm off. Hope you all have a great week!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Praying for Change

Good Morning. I hope you all had a good weekend. We did, for the most part. I could have used another day or two to get some things done but such is life. My goal WAS to try and get the house organized but that didn't happen so I'm hoping that this coming weekend will be more fruitful in that aspect.

I've realized that in the past year and a half, my wonderfull organized life has flown out the window. I used to have meals planned and half prepped and now its a mad rush when I get in the door at night to figure out what we're eating. It has added stress that is not needed or necassary. So it is my goal for the month of March to get my kitchen re-organized and my meals planned ahead of time. I've done the research, found new tools that will help get Byron more involved, and now all I need to do is execute them, which is the most time comsuming part. But I do realize that once we start and stick with it, the time involved will be minimal, that's the whole point.

Once that is organized, it'll be time to get the house work under control. Once, again only recently, have we strayed away from picking up on a daily basis to once a week! So now the house looks like a disaster area which, once again, adds stress that's not needed. I have found a solution to that as well and I'm hoping that execution will be pretty smooth. I've got a list of things to do everyday, just a couple, and I think Byron and I can stick with that.

We are still praying for an employment opportunity for Byron. He has been substitute teaching for several months now but we have not heard anything on a permanent position. There are several openings in some other counties that he has applied for, but we haven't heard anything thus far. We are coming up on the year mark since he lost his position and I know that is wearing on the both of us as well. I pray that something will open up and he will be the best canidate for the job. We are so thankful for our family and friends that have helped us throw this horrible time and continue to help us. Some day, hopefully, soon we will be able to show our gratitude a bit better ;)

In other news..... its getting to be spring on the farm. We are contemplating this year's garden rotation and what to plant. Byron is building me some raised beds for the garden and I need to figure out what we're going to plant in those as well. I would like to really get into the co-planting of veggies and flowers so I need to do a bit more research on that topic. We are also adding some chickens, hopefully, to our farm. Byron is building me a small coop that will accomidate 3 or 4 hens. I'm excited to get them!!! We are also contemplating what to do with our cow. Breeding season is around the corner, so we are faced with the decision on whether to breed her or have her slaughtered. Both have pros and cons. I pray that we make the right choice for the future and not just for today. I'm leaning towards breeding but I think Byron is leaning towards slaughter. Only time will tell.

That's about all for today. Until next time.....