Monday, March 12, 2012


Boy did I get a ot accomplished this weekend. I found this website and this website via Pinterest (my new addiction) and both helped me with my cleaning and cooking issues.

I spent all Saturday morning shopping and preparing about 12 meals that are in the freezer waiting to be thrown in the crock pot. I also made a big batch of granola, which we eat with yogurt and as cereal. I've got all my meals for the week planned and prepped, lasagna and Mexican stuff shells. Then, yesterday, I got into Gabbie's room and finally started organizing it.

My wonderful step-mommie is spending a couple of days with us while she is in town, so I am putting her to work finishing up the organization in there. Now if I could just get the guest room and my craft area organized it would be great. Byron won't be subing for the next two weeks because of spring break. I'm wondering if I could talk him into painting!!! The living room, bedroom, and fire place need to be re-painted bad!!!! Hey, a girl can dream!!!

Well, I'm off. Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Put me to work! Btw, I paint trim :-)

  2. Give step mommy a hug from me! Enjoy your time together. I had a productive Sunday, too. I think its the Spring putting a spring in my step. I managed to cook three meals and a cake. And I could really get used to it as a weekly chore. I enjoyed the house smelling so nice, and having options in the fridge ready to go! Though, I must say my 3 pales in comparison to your 12! You're a rockstar!