Friday, December 24, 2010

Up Early

I don't know if it was the baby or the lack of another body in the bed but I was wide awake at 5 am. I got a surprise phone call last night around 7pm from my boss telling me we didn't have to come into the office this morning....Merry Christmas to Gladys!!! So I got up, put some more wood in the fire, and started the coffee. It was a great start to a long day ahead. I hope that my energy leaves stay up so I can get everything done that needs to be. I admit there is not much, but enough to keep my pregnant self busy all day. I think Mother may stop by and give me a hand, which would be a welcome relief. Either way, I will get everything done.

Looks like we may have a white Christmas. We are supposedly getting an inch to two inches tonight and tomorrow. That would be beautiful!! I just hope that it scares the hell out of the natives and they all stay at home. People around here just don't know how to drive period, let alone with white stuff on the ground. I'm trying to figure out what to cook for Christmas Breakfast. Skeeter, Mable's boyfriend, is a some what picky eater and I don't know what to make that doesn't have onions and peppers in it. I think I'll give Mabel a call here shortly and see if she can shine some light. It will be just the 3 of us in the morning so I definitely want to have something nice going on.

The Man headed to his roots yesterday morning. While he didn't want to leave his very pregnant wife alone, I know he was excited to see everyone. He was out late riding 4 wheelers at his aunts and tonight they have another big family gathering. I'm glad he is there, he needs to spend more time with his family, regardless if its over the phone or in person. I can't understand why he doesn't talk to them more. I understand that my family is VERY unique, but still. I couldn't go a week without checking in on everyone. I'm not expecting him to talk to them everyday like I do with my mother and sister, but at least once a week!! Its a battle we've been fighting since we moved to Tennessee and one that I don't see going anyway for a while, especially with Gabbie on the way. Unfortunately I can't force him to call, so its something his family is going to have to talk to him about.

I think the girls miss The Man already. They keep pacing by the door and looking out the windows. I hate to break it to them that he won't be home for a couple more days. Well, I think I've rambled enough. I need to get myself out of this chair and get to work. Merry Christmas!!!

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