Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Presenting Baby

Today was one of the best days of my life!! I had my monthly baby doc appointment and got to see and hear my little one for the first time. Talk about emotional! First I heard the heart beat...which was cool. Then I had to get some genetic screening done which includes an ultrasound. This is a close up of Baby. I labeled the photo below so that you can see exactly where "things" are. I know there are people in my family, not naming any names(Mable), who wouldn't know up from down!!!

Unfortunately the Baby takes after The Man, once it gets comfy it won't move a muscle. It wouldn't move into the proper position for the test...I had a 2 hour long ultrasound!!! Needless to say I'll be heading back Friday morning to see if it decided to move. I'm praying! 2 hours with that thing rolling around your abdomen can be some what painful after a while. Luckily the doc printed off the photo, for my "troubles". LOL!!!! I could lay there all day and watch that little thing roll around inside me. You should have seen it....I would start laughing or talking and it would start kicking like crazy. Weird that you can't feel it even if you're seeing it.

I think its a boy...at least that was my gut reaction. Our "boy name" is Conrad Waltz after both of our grandfathers...and the first thing that popped in my head was "Hello, Conrad!" I'm probably wrong, I normally am, but hey...I don't really like calling it an "It".

I'm at a healthy 13 weeks now. I didn't gain a pound during my first trimester so I can expect to pile them on during the second! Everything looks normal!! Now we play the waiting game for the next 7 weeks until we get a second ultrasound. Then we get to find out if it is Conrad or if we'll have to start World War III deciding on a name for a girl!!! Only time will tell.

Well, it's been a long emotional day and unfortunately I have to go cook dinner. The Man is asking for spaghetti, his fav. Until next time...Ya'll behave!!!


  1. I have to admit, I always have trouble telling "up from down" and the "parts" when I see baby ultrasounds! Thanks for sharing your happy photos today!

  2. I remember feeling the same way! The best part of each appointment will be hearing the heart. And I know exactly what you mean about U/S hurting. They push pretty darn hard, I felt bruised for days after each one of ours.

    Get some rest!