Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Books and Hay

What is it about a bale of hay that puts a smile on my face? I don't know either but they do. Our fields got hayed yesterday and now we're surrounded by round bales. It's the quintessential country landscape....an open field full of hay bales.

I really look forward to this event, some how I find it relaxing to sit and watch the tractors. So that's what I did yesterday when I got in from work...sat and watched. I also lusted over the tractor but that's a different story.

I also joined a book club yesterday.... The Magnolia Book Club created by my lovely sister, Mabel. It's really.a great idea...she created a blog so that her friends that.live.out.of.state can still participate and those that live close but.have busy schedules can participate without the demands of a regular book club. Needless to say I.was in. You can check it out here.

The first book is "The Help" by Kathyrn Stockett. I've had this book on my wish list for a while now but just haven't gotten to buying it. Well, I will now. I'm really excited about the book club. Mabel has got lots of great ideas on how to make the books more interactive and how to make others more conscience readers. I admit that sometimes I fly through a book without ever really thinking about it. Well, Mabel is going to highlight aspects of the books so that one has to "think" about them. I can't wait to see what she comes up with. Either way it will be GREAT!!! I encourage anyone who is interested to follow along, it's open to all those who are interested.

I'm attempting to make dinner, do laundry, and blog at the same time and it's not working well. My pasta pot is boiling over as I type, so I'm going to say good-bye for today. Ya'll take care!!

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  1. That is a wonderful book. It speaks to my generation. If y'all need someone who lived as a character in that book for point of reference, let me know.

    I'm so happy you two love to read. It opens up such a wonderful world!