Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Week

The weekend was way too short even though I got quiet a bit done. Got some well needed laundry and cleaning done yesterday. Mother and Step-Dad came over to help us out with some things. The Man and Step-Dad were busy cutting down a we need more wood!!! Mother and I got some cleaning and about 2 weeks worth of laundry done. I also put up a months worth of laundry that had been sitting in the baskets! Terrible, I know, but now our bedroom is looking less like a Goodwill and more like a bedroom! Now if I can only get the rest of the house done!

Speaking of that, I made a wish list of things that I want to get done around the house before the baby come. I would like for the house to be in order that way I don't have to worry about it, not to mention I won't have the time anyways. There's a lot to get done...master bedroom, living room, sitting area in front of fireplace, where/how to move my studio....almost every room in the house! Fortunately I now exactly want I want to put/buy/make for each room so it's just a matter of doing it and having the time and money to do it. Basically I'm going to start in one room and move to the next.

I've found several websites and blogs that have given me really good ideas on a very tight budget. Let's face it, we need to save as much as possible but I really want my house looking good. I know that we'll be having a lot of company over once the little one gets here and I will want the house looking it's best. So, I'll be visiting Goodwill on a daily basis looking for the things that we need. I'm praying that I find everything I need on the would be great to come in way below budget. I've also researched some ways to reuse/re purpose some of the things that we already have laying around...which is AWESOME!!!! I'm hoping to start next weekend...either way I'll let you know how it goes!!

I spent the whole day in the studio today working on Mable's Christmas presents...yes that's plural! I decided that I was going to make everything that I've been meaning to make her, which comes to 3 presents. Unfortunately she reads my blog so I can't reveal what they are. You'll have to wait til after Christmas. I've gotten started on 2 of the 3. The first is half way finished. I have to make a trip to my nearest JoAnn Fabric for the remainder of supplies. The second is about a quarter of the way through. This one is alot more tedious that the first so it's going to take some time. As for the third present, I'm still collecting supplies for it but as soon as I have everything I need, it will be done pretty quick. That's on top of all the other projects I'm working on, about 4. Needless to say I'm in over my head. Oh well!!! We'll see just how far I get.

I suppose I should put the computer down and keep working...cause I got a lot to do!!! Until next time....Ya'll make it a good one!

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  1. Oh I know Mabel will love her gifts... Can stepmommie get a hint of what they are? Just kidding. I'll wait until Christmas.