Saturday, July 31, 2010

Long Live The Queen

We have a New Queen!!! She's the one in the middle with the long abdomen. Thank the Lord!!! I was really getting scared!! she hasn't started laying much, but she will. Now, hopefully, we can get our hive population back up before winter hits. There has been a definite population drop, you can tell almost instantly. The life span of a honeybee is not very long. We were without a queen for about a month, which means that there were no new bees for a month. Needless to say, it's a good thing we've got a queen!

Here is a full frontal shot of the garden I've been promising for the past month! We're getting to the last days of it now. The corn has all been harvested and put up. The zucchini and squash are done producing, Thank God! We didn't get many purple hull peas this year, which is really disappointing to me because I LIVE for purple hull peas during the winter. I don't have any in my freezer! I think that it has something to do with our garden pest, Templeton, as The Man so kindly calls it. I call it a pain in the you know what! It needs to be eliminated...hopefully it hasn't reproduced. Yes, it is a field RAT!!! Not a mouse, but a rat and it enjoys purple hull peas as much as I do. We need to get the .22 out and have some target practice!

That's about it in our world. Been a some-what lazy weekend so far. The Man was busting up firewood yesterday and moving it all in the barn. Don't know if I told you or not but we invested in a good wood-burning fireplace the other weekend. Now we have to stock pile wood. I was in the house cleaning and cooking. Made some good chili and a blueberry buckle. It was all YUMMY!!!!! Today I have to cut the grass and put up laundry. Yep, I'm busy!!! I think I'm going to try to get in the studio and work. I realized the other day that I've only got it for another couple of months before I have to pack everything up and move in all the baby stuff! It's bittersweet.

Well, I think that's it for now. I'll be back this week with an a baby doc appointment!!! Until then, Ya'll have a GREAT day!!!

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  1. Glad y'all have a queen... Hey, remind me to stop at the Farmer's Market on our way down, we'll buy y'all a huge bag of peas for our August rent...