Saturday, January 23, 2010


I woke up this morning and saw something very strange pouring through the windows. It was bright and warm and made me feel all happy inside. Could it truly be sunshine? IT IS SUNSHINE!!!!! Immediately I new it was going to be a good day!!
Now I've got my coffee and my girls and I'm getting ready for this beautiful day! The Man is already outside doing his thing, imagine that. He just can't stand being inside, so naturally he is not a fan of winter. I, on the other hand, don't mind it. I've always been one who flows with the seasons. Its natural for things to get cold then warm; live then die. We have to have winter to get spring. Such is life. So when winter comes and everyone in my life gets all depressed, I just keep to myself knowing that it won't last forever.
There's my bit of philosophy for the day!
Trying to get in touch with Mother. We're all gathering at my Grandparent's tonight and I need to know if I'm cooking dinner or not. Knowing Mother she is out enjoying the sunshine. Her and The Man are two peas in a pod; they both detest winter and LOVE beer. I guess the saying that you marry someone like your father is not always true. If you're just like your father, which I am, you marry someone like your mother.
Speaking of fathers, I miss mine. While I was working at my old job, I would stay in the city with him and Step-mommie. I kind of got used to waking up every morning and seeing him. I hadn't done that in many years. Now that he's away working and I've gotten a job close to home, I haven't seen much of him. Hopefully he and step-mommie will be heading home soon.
I got a phone call the other night from the previous owners of The Farm. The land that they still have for sale next to ours, 25 acres, is still for sale and they need to get rid of it badly. Oh how I wish Poppa and Step-mommie could buy it. I dream of having this big family farm with Mabel and my parent, both sets, living out here; kind of like my own utopia. I can dream!!!
Speaking of The Farm, we've got BIG plans for 2010! The Man has been calling around pricing bull calves. We want to raise our own meat very badly. We've been talking about what to plant in the garden. Its going to be bigger and better than last years. The Man wants to get some fruit trees as well. Eventually we would like to be as self sustainable as possible, at least that's the long term goal. I think it would be kinda cool to go to the store and only have to buy things that we couldn't make or grow ourselves. In other words, we aim for a more simplistic life.
WOW! Have I been rambling or what?! I think I'll stop here. The Farm is calling. It's time for work!!
Ya'll have a beautiful day!!!

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  1. We'd like the land, too... we're just trying to work out the pesky little money thing.

    Miss you guys. Tell your mom I say a special hello ("hello!")and send my love to all!