Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ready for the Weekend!

It's hump day....and I'm ready for this week to be over. Work is going well, but it's waking up that is getting difficult. Every day it gets worse and worse!! I think last week was a fluke because it was much easier to get out of bed. Guess it's all catching up to me. Hopefully I'll get over soon.

Not much going on at The Farm. Everything is starting to thaw out, thank God!!!! I'm really getting sick of it being so cold. I'm ready for spring. The Man and I have been talking about building a patio and planting all kinds of new plants. I have to admit that we've come up with a lot of ideas that I would just kill to have come true. Hopefully my Poppa, Hank, will be around to help. No matter what The Man and I come up with, Poppa always has a better idea. I love it when he gets here and starts talking about all the things that we can do to spruce up the place. I also love the fact that The Farm is not only our house but my whole family's house!!! Everyone has their own ideas and things that they would like to see. Its like a hippy-commune but we all shower and don't live on top of each other.

If you haven't seen Julie and Julia....please watch it. While it made me really, really hungry, it is an absolutely adorable movie. Gonna have to buy this one and I think Mabel and I need to add it to our Chic-Flic list. Makes me want to buy 2 lbs of butter and start cooking. Might have to do that this weekend if I'm able to get out of bed =)

That's about it for tonight. Ya'll be good!!!

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  1. crack me up. I need to play the lottery so we can buy the property next door for an old folks home...LOL!

    We'll hopefully be home next week.