Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Raining and I'm Quilting

It's a rainy day here at The Farm so I'm spending the whole day playing in the studio. I was surfing yesterday and found this tutorial . I have piles of scarps so I got right to work. Here is a little peek.

I love this block!!! I will definately be using it more often!!! I've gotten 6 squares done so far and there are alot more to go. I would really like to do a full quilt with them. I love all the colors and the movement in the blocks. You could even use a jelly roll! The strips will just be the same width. Hopefully I'll get it done soon so I can show you guys. I'll keep you posted on how they come along.
Had a great night out with Mother last night. We went down to a local joint and had a couple beers. It was nice to get out of the house and see folks. Mother and The Man love sitting around drinking beer together....needless to day they had a great time. There was a live band too. It was just like the old days. I think we might be doing that more often than not!
Not much else to report. Guess I'll head back into the studio...Ya'll have a good one!!

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  1. so is that for your favoritest stepmommie?