Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ice Ice Baby!!!

Once again middle Tennessee is expecting winter weather. We're supposed to start getting it around midnight tonight and all through tomorrow. Honestly its not looking really good for us. I made sure The Man went to the store on his way home. He got the necessities....milk, peanut butter, and dog treats. Can't have my girls go without!!! I've pulled out all the blankets and candles. I need to get a couple jugs of water. Thank God I recylce!!! I've got plenty of those!! I wish our fireplace was able to burn wood!!! Hopefully it won't get that extreme....but we do live in the country. I'll make sure I keep the laptop battery charged and I'll let you know how it goes.

Had another bad day at work. Turns out our new boss is making me do things that I shouldn't be doing. No wonder I was running around crazy today!! I just didn't have enough time to do anything. Now I know why. Don't know if that will get fixed our not, hopefully so. I made a phone call to some higher ups that I know....I pray they pull through for me. In that light, I'm almost wishing we have bad weather so I don't have to go to work. Just ready for the weekend!!!

Just got off the phone with my father-in-law. He's too funny!!! He gets so worried about us when the weather starts looking bad. I love the fact that he always calls and checks up on us. We miss them alot and wish that we could get out to NC to see them more often, but we make it work and call as much as possible.

I was reading Lois's blog and had to laugh. Last night when her power was out, ours was out too. It went out about 7 and didnt' come back on til 10pm!!! Needless to say my wish to cuddle up with a book came true. I read by candle light and went to bed really early.

Well that's about it for tonight. I'm gonna get a couple more things together in case a blizzard comes. Ya'll be good and stay warm!!!!

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  1. Milk and peanut butter... you are just like your dad! Bwahahahahaahahahaahahahaahhaaha!