Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finally a Spare Moment

I haven't had a moment to think let alone make a post. It has been one thing after the other. I don't even know where to start. Ok...well we had a great time in North Carolina. We went to the beach and spent TONS of time with family which was great. I spent quality time with my sister and mother in law and had a great time with them. Here are some shots of the trip.

We were on our way back when I received a call from mother saying that my step-father's mother had passed. So we drove straight over and spent the next several days with family again. Mabel came straight home as well. She took several days off so that we could help Mother and Step-daddy clean out her apartment and get things like that in order. While we were together for a terrible reason, it was good to spend some time with Mabel. I miss her terribly. She also got to spend some quality time with Gabbie.

Mabel left yesterday and my work started. We pulled all the corn and I put all that up. I started shelling peas and made 10 pints of pickle relish today. There are still more cucumbers to be pickled and I know that there are jalapenos that need to be picked and pickled as well. I'm gonna try my best to get them all done tomorrow. Here's a picture of the cows that I promised. They are too cute! Not as cute as Gabbie helping me shell the peas!

I got some good news today. I've been called for yet another interview, which I know is a good thing. I just feel like I'm jumping threw hoops but I guess thats the point right. So I'm getting all dressed up and headed to Nashville tomorrow morning. I pray that they give me the job. It would make things much better and hopefully The Man will hear something soon as well. Our old boss called today and told him that the heads at our old company don't want to risk hiring him back. This was a blow to the both of us but I figured it would happen. I understand where they are coming from. So we are still searching for him but I have faith that something will come up.

We are headed to Ohio this weekend to visit Poppa and Step-Mommie. We have been meaning to visit but life has gotten in the way. Now that things may be changing in the employment department I think we should head up while we still have the freedom to. I'm really looking forward to seeing them.

Well I think I have gotten caught up now. Its getting late and I need to head to bed. Wish me luck!!! I will let you know how it goes!! Until next time!


  1. I can't wait!!!!!!!!
    Let me know how it goes today.

  2. Good luck on the interview! Sending prayers and good vibes. Yay for all the family time and "lois and hank" time this weekend! I know there will be lots of love and smiles on that visit. Safe travels.