Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The Man heard from our old boss at the lab this morning. He's been talking to the President and Vice of our former place of employment about getting The Man back into the lab. He's talking with HR to get The Man into the next round of interviews. Boss man said he's not promising anything because the heads don't like to re-hire, which I can't blame them, but since The Man was an OUTSTANDING employee they may let him back in. SO.... our plans to travel to NC our put on hold until we hear from HR, which will hopefully be soon. Ironically, if hired, The Man will be working my old job in the mercury lab!!! HAHAHAHAHA! He's not to happy about that because he'll actually have to work instead of sitting in front of instrumentation all night long. Yes, I said night. The second ironic thing is that it is our old shift, Tuesday - Saturday second shift. At this point beggars can't be choosers but The Man did ask when the earliest transfer to his old job would be, even though it would be the same days and shift, he's really not to keen on being in the Hg Lab.

I still haven't heard anything concerning myself. I plan on calling a different lab that I applied to at the end of the week, again. From what I've heard they are hiring for a bunch of positions but I guess they aren't in dire need. I'll let them know again that I'm available for interviews. Honestly I really don't know exactly where I've applied, I guess I should have payed more attention. Oh well, you live and learn.

So now our plans are halted. I'm probably going to make some more jelly then and I've started working on our master bedroom which, according to my WONDERFUL husband "looks like a prison cell". Talk about a motivator. Luckily we have TONS of pictures and general "stuff" that I can use to do a FREE makeover in the room. I just wish I had some turquoise paint but then again that would mean creating an even bigger mess and I don't know if that would be smart considering our plans at the moment. I'll also be sewing those purses which I pray I have done by the time we head east but who knows.

I guess I'll stop here and start getting some things done. Until next time!


  1. Yay for some hope in the job front. I shall keep praying and crossing all things crossable, except my eyes cuz that just hurts.

    Have fun with the room redo. It is so rewarding to see an end result. Do some before/after pictures! :)

    Happy canning. I still wish I lived closer so I could raid your pantry.