Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let The Games Begin

I've noticed, as an adult, that when I'm stressed I always end up in the kitchen. Yesterday morning I was up early making blueberry jelly. This was my first canning session of the season and I'm ready for the garden to start producing. Hopefully it won't be too much longer!! There is something so very relaxing about canning for me. I enjoy making food and I take pride in the fact that I won't have to go to Walmart for jelly in the next year. Considering our current financial situation, its a really good way to save us some money. I plan on making the very best of our situation and canning as much as I am able. We still have alot left over from last year so I'm trying to find ways to use/reuse last years bounty. So if anyone has any good recipes please pass them along.

I'm up early again this morning, just couldn't go back to sleep after nursing Gabbie. Is it possible to pray too much?? I found myself waking up in the middle of the night to roll over and I heard myself praying. I like to think that God always wants to hear our prayers but if I were in that position I would be like "OK Gladys, I get it. I heard you the first hundred times! I'm taking care of it!" Luckily God is a bit more patient than I am.

I wish I had a couple hundred dollars to blow. I'm so in DIY mode. I feel like painting and sprucing up the house. Before the bottom dropped out The Man and I were looking into a patio and painting the living room and I'm still in that mode. One day we will be able to work on the house again. Maybe I should buy that lotto ticket ;)

Don't have any plans for today. I hope to get the house cleaned and work on a couple sewing projects that need to get finished. If I do anything worth showing off I'll let you take a peek. Until next time.


  1. remember the tips I passed on... God never stops listening. If you worry, talk to Bella and Bly... They'll listen too. I'm sure Bella will offer lots of lovies...

  2. I so wish that the blueberry jam would travel well. I'd BUY a few jars from you. hey, wait... am I on to something. Can you sell at a farm stand? Sell jams, canned goodies, fresh produce from the farm?