Monday, February 1, 2010

The Melt Down

Well the ice and snow is finally melting. It was a pretty rough weekend. Luckily we had power the whole time. I was busy in the studio. I'll be taking pictures tonight so you'll see what I've been up to tomorrow. I've got to work on some blankets I'm doing for a local school. They give them to their benefactors. Its something nice I can do.

The Man has class tonight so I'll be by myself the rest of the night. I wish I could play in the studio but I've got to get all our tax stuff together. I HATE TAXES!!!!! I wish they, our government, would make this time of year a little easier. That's all I'm gonna say.

Work was busy today. I didn't stop til about 2pm. Unfortunately I didn't eat and got really really dizzy and shaky. Diabetes runs in my family and I'm always aware of the fact. I've had problems with my blood sugar before but it hasn't been that bad in a while. I need to make sure that I stop and snack at least. Need to keep myself healthy, especially if there's a baby in the near future.

I know its a short post but there's not much else going on. I'll have more tomorrow.

Ya'll have a good night!

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  1. stepmommie sez to please take care of yourself...and your feet are in the mail...