Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sick as Dogs

Well Sunday was perfect and Monday was hell. First I got a migraine and ended up home throwing up. Then The Man came home and he was sick. Tuesday he was running a temp of 102 and he still had it this morning. I still have my migraine. I went in for a CT Scan this morning so hopefully we'll figure out why my head hurts all the time. In the mean time its alot of asprin and quiet. I told The Man that if he's still running a fever tomorrow then he's in to see the doc immediately. He's stubborn you know; doesn't want to take any medicine, stuff like that. Well he's singing a different tune now that his colon has been reeking havoc on him for the past 2 days. I don't think he'll be back to school tomorrow but he will be pumped full of meds!

So, I haven't been in the studio working on the quilt. When I get back to feeling human, I'll take some pictures for you to see. I'm really excited about it. Its so cute. I can't wait for her to see it. I'll be making another soon enough. I found out last night that another friend of mine is having a boy! Must be something in the water! I'll be starting on that one a little later on since we've got several months yet.

That's all for right now. Looking at the screen is getting rough. Until next time... Ya'll have a good one!!


  1. I hope they can figure out the cause of the headaches and you will be able to prevent them from happening soon.

  2. hugs from stepmommie... do you need us to come down and cook for y'all? and baby you?