Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hump Day

I was supposed to show you some pictures of what I've been working on. Sorry it took so long. Its been a hectic couple of days. Without further ado.....

This is the string quilt. I thought I was done but I mis-calculated and I need to make 40 more squares!! I know, how could I have made that kind of mistake!! But I did so now I've got a bit more to do. Doesn't it look good though?!

This is my inspiration board. I've got some more things to put up but I can't find them!! But I've got my silver spoons and some embroidery. All kinds of good things. I look at this and smile. Of course I had to put up some Team Jacob love!!

Teacup Pincushion

Button Flowers. I got the idea here. Aren't they cute? You'll be seeing them again.
I'll show you the rest when I get everything done.
Had a rough day at work. One of our sales reps got fired and our new boss announced that she was going back to her old paper. So now we'll have another new boss!!! Its been crazy!!! In that light I came home guessed it....cooked. I was in the mood for a real country meal so this is what we had.

Purple Hull Peas, from our garden, and Salt Pork

Home-Made Biscuits

Fried Chicken and Potato Salad

And for dessert...biscuits and honey!!

Now there is nothing better than biscuits and honey. I LOVE honey. I love honey so much that I want to start keeping bees in the spring so that I can have honey all the time. I love bees too, so I think keeping them would be very appropriate. Plus they'll help us out with the garden,which by the way is going to be awesome. I've been talking to Mabel about some new things we want to watermelon radishes and purple cauliflower. Some different things that will set us apart from all the usual tomatoes and summer squash. She's got alot of good ideas. Of course she does, food is her life!!!
So yea...that's about it for today. Think I'm going to head to the studio and play some more.
Ya'll have a good one!


  1. yummmmmm! It all looks great, dear! I gotta have the Heinz 57 sauce with my peas....LOL I know, I'm weird...

  2. LOVE your string quilt. (Your step-mom sent me to check out your blog...I'll be back.)

  3. Found your blog from Lois, thought I'd say hi!

    The string quilt is GORGEOUS! I'd love to try something like that! Also, the teacup pin cushion is adorable! I should try making something like is so sweet!

  4. PS. I like the idea of the inspiration board. Maybe I should think about something like that too! Sometimes I get overwhelmed by my ideas :)

  5. Hi! I'm here by way of Lois.

    When I clicked the link to your page and saw the picture of your latest quilt I gasped. Seriously, the colors and pattern are stunning!

    My grandmother was a quilter and sewed for years. She LOVED bright colors and fun patterns. She would have loved your quilt.

    I think it's cute that it's sort of short sheeted. Maybe that will make it even more memorable for you? :)

  6. Hey, I'm here via Lois, too. Luv the string quilt but I gotta tell ya, I think my butt is bigger just looking at your dinner. I LOVE black eyed peas! Happy quilting!

  7. Just visited your stepmother's blog and thought I'd pay you a visit. I like your inspiration board and the variety of things you do. I'll see you again. Thank you for sharing.