Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's Been A While

WOW!! Didn't realize that I've been gone a while! Sorry about that. There have been a couple developments over the past week or so. Firstly, Poppa and Step-Mommie are moving to southern Ohio. I'm very happy that Poppa finally found work and that they are both happy. Their new home is close to us which is VERY good! It will be fun to go somewhere new to visit them and see, taste, do new things. This also means that I will have to start blogging more often to keep them up with The Farm News. This will be good for me cause I've been on myself to blog more, regardless if anyone out there is reading!

The Man and I took a fishing trip last weekend. Just went to a local lake but had a BLAST!!! Didn't talk much just enjoyed the scenery and caught a couple fish. I didn't do much fishing. I caught a turtle and said "Okay I'm done." I've been obsessed with the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. I'm on book 4 now and let me tell's amazing. I highly recommend this series! These are some of the scenery pics I took while fishing. I truly love Tennessee...every mile is beautiful!

After we got home from our trip, the dogs got to run. I have to give you some background info first. This summer was HOT here!!! Step-Mommie went and bought a kiddie pool for the girls to cool off in. Unfortunately they wanted nothing to do with it. So it sat there and collected nasty water and dirt. Fast forward...we let the girls out to run and Bly decides to cool off in the NASTY water!!! It was hysterical!! Isn't she cute!!!

This weekend we've been working on the fireplace/ Project Redo House. It finally got cool enough out to start curing the new fireplace, which involves a series of 6 fires, each getting hotter and bigger. With the fireplace up and working the dining room table has to be moved. We are going to replace it with 2 wing back chairs to make a little sitting area. Now I'll be able to read Percy Jackson in front of the fire!! YIPPY!!!!

When everything is nice and set up I'll post some pictures!!! I know Poppa and Step-Mommie will want to see the final project. Today we're gonna get them all packed up and ready to hit the road and get some small projects done in the house. I'll be busy getting the dining room moved and all that stuff. It should prove a busy day.

I hope that you have had a great couple weeks and I promise to keep up with you all a bit better from now on!!! Until then, Ya'll make it a good one!!

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  1. Yes, you'll need to blog more so I can keep up with y'all!

    That's my cute girl, all wallerin' in the mud... she's a farm dog...hahahahaha!