Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cold, Cold Saturday

Thank the Lord we put plenty of wood in the fireplace last night...cause its COLD out there!!! Frost is currently covering the fields and parts of the yard. I don't know the exact temp but its in the low 30s. Glad I don't have to head out til later when it warms up a bit.

Not much happening around here. Same old story. We're heading to my Grandparent's house later on this morning to help them with some yard work. I've got a funny feeling that my Grandfather has already done most of the work, but we'll be there regardless. Don't have much planned for the rest of the weekend, just gonna keep cleaning/re-organizing my house and sewing in the studio. I still have a lot to do but it's slowly getting done.

I had a doctor's appointment last week and all is well. Baby Gabriella and I are both healthy and baby is right on track. Only 3 more weeks til my third trimester is here. I usually only refer to the one pregnancy book I have to check the development of the baby, but here lately I've had to make sure that all the
stuff I'm going through is normal too. All of a sudden the "typical" pregnancy symptoms have come back: heart burn, swollen feet, and my carpal tunnel is KILLING me!!! Then my entire pelvic bone started hurting really bad!! It hurts to walk and don't even ask me to lift my legs. I was told that everything is normal for my current stage. My doctor advised me that all the first trimester ails have a habit of showing themselves again in the third trimester. I guess only time will tell, I just wish the pelvic pain would go away...I can handle everything else.

I can't believe how fast time has gone by. I'm glad I still have the next couple of months to enjoy the pregnancy before its over. I've decided to hold off on worrying about the nursery until January. This will help me focus on all my non-nursery projects and give me more time to get all the nursery stuff together. Plus we won't have the crib until January anyways so it all works out. Now I don't feel so rushed, even though I do have a lot to finish. I have my sisters Christmas presents to finish, a T-shirt quilt for a good friend, and all of Baby Gabbie's nursery stuff, of which I've started all the big things. As soon as I get more done I'll start showing it off.

Well, I've got my cup o' coffee, the news is on, and the fireplace is pumping out the heat....Life is good. I think I'll sit here a while longer and then get ready for some yard work. I hope ya'll have a good weekend!!!

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