Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Well I have good news!!!

We are so excited!!! I never would have guessed it was a girl. Actually I would have bet money that it was a boy but I would have been wrong!! It's a little girl! Mother and baby are both healthy and happy. I felt her move for the first time the other about weird. After I realized what it was it was pretty cool.

Now for the fun and the nursery!! I went straight to Joann Fabrics after the ultrasound and got some fabric to make a diaper bag and some cute burp cloths. Then I'll move onto the nursery. Mabel and I were talking for almost an hour about how to do the nursery.

Speaking of Mabel...she's psyched. So is the rest of the family. Mother went with The Man and I to the ultrasound. She was completely amazed at our modern technology. She never had an ultrasound with us girls. She thought it was so cool that they were able to look at the baby's brain and heart. And of course seeing her grandchild was great too.

I have a feeling the next 20 weeks or so are going to go quick. Now there is so much to do!!! I have to completely pack up my studio (which I started this past weekend) and make it and the rest of the house ready for baby. I plan on making 80% of the bedding for the nursery so I have to do all that. The Man wants to put bead board up in the nursery which will take a bit of time. We also have to paint a couple pieces of furniture to paint and fix up. Luckily we have all the major pieces of furniture for the nursery. My wonderful mother in law found us a crib, Mother is giving us a glider that she isn't using, I found a pretty changing table at Goodwill for $20, and I have a chest of drawers that was in my bedroom as a child. We only need a couple small pieces and tons o' decor!!!

We also have to come up with a name!!! We have her middle name, Grace, already but we can not decide on a first name. It will be a battle but I'm sure we will be able to agree on something. I will let you know as soon as we decide. I will also post some pictures of the nursery in progress.

Until then I wish all of you happy tidings!!! Ya'll make it a good one!!


  1. Congratulations on your wonderful news...a baby precious!

  2. Outstanding! I may be biased, but little girls are the best. But that's not to say we won't try for a little boy next year.

    So glad you can enjoy the decorating and creating part now!.

    Beautiful middle name, may I suggest Emma. But I know it's quite over-used these days. Or Amaya, like Amazing Grace. Ha. Ok, I will stop. You will have plenty of suggestions, just wait. That was the hardest part, hearing everyone with their two cents. You'll know the name when its right. You will just know. We struggled for weeks, and months. Until one night my husband just said it. Megan. What about Megan. And I was like, YES, that's it! It didn't work with the middle name we wanted, so we decided to give her the same initials as her daddy. So she became Megan Anna. You will know!

  3. The name will come with time. Hang in there... I can't wait to start my grandbaby's new quilt. I've had some fabric for a while and can now proceed to "girlify" it!

    Mabel is going to be a wonderful auntie... and you and the man will be wonderful parents. I just chuckle about him being outnumbered like your Dad. Dad will show him the way...LOL!