Saturday, May 22, 2010


Good Morning!!! Finally found some time to show you all whats been going on 'round these parts. Firstly, The Man made me the quintessential country accessory....a clothesline. Its awesome!!! What country home would be without one. Plus if flows with our self-sustainability theme. The Man pulled the plans off line and did it in a weekend. Check it out!

This was a brilliant addition....The Man took some of our old coffee know the plastic red ones, painted them my favorite color, turquoise, and screwed them to each of the posts. Voila...instant clothespin holder! Talk about recycling! He's so smart.

All of my roses are in full bloom. I love them so much that I'm planting 2 more rose bushes this year, a JFK and an Arizona. Hopefully they'll thrive as much as the other two have.

The beginning of the summer means a couple things around the farm, 1) planting the garden and 2) haying the fields, both of which have happened. There's just something about seeing those huge bails in the fields that I love so much, especially when you see all the beautiful green grass underneath. Lord, when did I turn into such a country girl?!

The Man and I really went all out this year on the garden, as you have heard. Hopefully everything will flourish and we'll get a really good crop. Its hard work but so worth it in the winter months, something we learned first hand this year. Isn't he so cute? I love my farmer!

Well that's about it for now. Hopefully the sun will come out and we can go spend an hour or so with the bees. I'll definitely have some pictures then considering we haven't seen them in over a week!! I'm sure they've been busy.
Until then Ya'll have a good weekend!!!

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