Thursday, August 11, 2011

Overwhelmed and Humbled

I don't know if you listen to modern country music but there is a song that talks about seeing God today. I don't know who its by or the entire song but the gist of it is that God is all around, always watching. I can honestly say that I saw God today, or, at least, the workings of God. In order to explain I have to admit some very SCARY things.

I paid the bills last night and, after everything was taken out, we had $60 left. TOTAL! Never in my life, even in high school and college, did I have only $60 dollars to my name. Needless to say The Man was panicked. I simply told myself that we would just have to stay put until Tuesday when I get my unemployment check, but The Man was concerned about any emergency that would come up between now and then. I try not to be pessimistic about things but he did have a point. An emergency presented itself this morning as I went to feed the dogs. Only a days worth of dog food left! Now, under normal circumstances this would be FAR from an emergency, but when you only have $60 bucks, its down right catastrophic! I tried to put it out of my head and figure out how we would get the girls feed. I knew that something would happen and we would have a tad bit more funds to buy dog food. I figured that I'd search the house for lose change and cash it in. Ummm.... that's a really good idea now that I think of it. We need to do that!! There's probably $100 bucks lying around! Sorry....on with my story. Any who, I went on with my day (childless again thanks to mother) and got some sewing done along with reorganizing/cleaning my sewing closet. All the while the amount in our checking account kept popping into my head.

This afternoon The Man went to the mailbox and found an overwhelming surprise... God, in a sense. Inside was a letter and a check from my brother and sister-in-law. This isn't the first time they have saved us and I'd be willing to bet that it won't be the last. Needless to say I cried my eyes out. Even The Man got a bit misty. I swore then and there that as soon as we pull ourselves out of the crater that we're in, we will do something amazing for these two, just as they have for us. So this blog post is dedicated to them. I'd like to introduce you all to my amazing brother and sister-in-law, Flappy and Whippy. That "bump" is my sweet niece Emily, whom I can't wait to meet.

I know that they visit my blog often so if you're reading this you two, Thank You from the depths of my soul. You have no idea how much you mean to me. Whippy, I have some more stuff for you, not too much, that I'm sure you'll be able to use. I'm also about to start something "pretty" for Miss Emily. I pray that it is finished by the time Labor Day gets here. I wish you guys were able to come as well but I understand why you can't. Please know that you guys are always with me, in my thoughts and prayers, every day. I miss you tremendously and can't wait until we see each other again. If ever you need me, I am always here.

Well, I think I've been emotional enough for one day!! So there are two morals to this story. Moral #1: never doubt that God will take care of you. Moral #2: Family is the second most important thing

Until next time!


  1. That song... is George Strait's "I Saw God Today". It may be your new anthem.

    What a blessing! Never say never, you are never down and out, truly. You may not have had that check, but all you had to do was share your predicament and ASK for God's help, and help from friends. We are right there with you, too! Just ask. :)

  2. Dad is wiring some cash for you to have in case of emergency. Next time please let us know... Ok?

    Hugs, my dear.