Monday, February 7, 2011


All I can say is...well actually there are no words to describe the past couple of days. Gabbie and I were released from the hospital on Friday morning. Since then life has been filled with tears, family, poop, sore nipples, cake, more poop, sleepless nights, more tears, and did I mention poop. Its been crazy and beautiful all at once. I'm exhausted but I'm hanging in there. The Man has been amazing!!! Not only is he taking care of me but he is taking care of Gabbie too. The house has been filled with family and I loved every minute of it. I love to watch my family with my daughter; it's awesome to see how much she is loved. These are just a few pictures of her birthday and homecoming.

Yesterday and today she went for her first outings. We had to take care of the insurance stuff and she had her first doctors appointment. Gabriella is a very healthy little girl. When we were released, she weighed 5 lbs 8oz. Now she weighs 5lbs 13oz which is 1oz away from her birth weight!! YIPPY!!! That means mommy's milk is doing its job. The Man and I were very relieved to hear that she is doing so well. When we spoke with the pediatrician in the hospital, he was a bit concerned about her weight and not getting enough breast milk. At that time, my milk hadn't come in and Gabbie wasn't having many bowl movements, thus resulting in her being borderline jaundice. Now we know she is good to go!

The Man goes back to work tomorrow but my mother is taking the next couple of days off to help me around the house and get into some king of route. Next weekend the in-laws will be in town so I need to have the house ready to go for them. We are also going to conquer the little things that got skipped on my "to do before she's born" list, things like organizing the linen closet and getting all my craft/sewing supplies in order. I want to keep all my craft stuff at hand because I'm still working on several little projects, but I want it all to be easily put away.

Life is as good as can be expected. There have been good moments and not so good ones. There have been times where my patients was tested along with my sanity but I wouldn't change it for the world. When I start feeling helpless, I just look at that little girl and everything is automatically better again. Don't get me wrong, its been rough but we've gotten through it. I know that this is life now...unexpected, unrehearsed, unknown. It's kind of exciting and scary at the same time. There's no longer a tomorrow where I know what will happen and what I'll have to do, there is no consistency to life and I kinda like that.

I know that I'll be relying on my blog to vent and let the world know just what I'm going through. I'm glad that I have blogging as an outlet and I'm sure that I'll be taking advantage of that. Well it's almost time to wake Gabbie up and get her some dinner so I will stop here. Until next time....

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  1. Hugs mommy... give my gabbiegirl a big kiss from me...