Wednesday, April 21, 2010

T-1 Day

Tomorrow is Bee day and The Farm is stressed to the max! We had to have some last minute supplies rushed to us from North Carolina and UPS has lost the box. I just received a phone call from a sweet woman who is willing to meet us here in town with the box! Thank the Lord for good hearted people! Now we will be fully equipped for the bees tomorrow. We're getting them from a local keeper who has been in the business for 60 plus years. It will be an exciting day. I'll be taking a bunch of pictures and will be posting them tomorrow...hopefully. If not then Friday. Wish us luck!!! I'll talk to you then!!

1 comment:

  1. I adore your new header! I need you to make one for me...

    I'm soooo excited about the bees! While you know I'm scared to death of them (real mortal fear), I can't wait to learn more and face it head on...

    You all will bee great honey-harvesters... Yes, I got corny there. LOL!