Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good Weekend!

I has been a busy weekend...lots of things going on. Our last night of bee school was Friday. They were drawing for a bee keeping starter kit and The Man won!!! So we've already got some of the basics taken care of. Part of winning was to become members of the local and state bee keeping associations, which we did. We also ordered our bees from a local guy that raises them. They'll be heading our way around the end of April, so we'll have to have everything ready by then. I'm so excited...I've been wanting to keep bees for a while now and its finally happening.

We also purchased some fruit trees, apples and peaches. The Man grew up with fresh peaches every year and wants to start having some of our own. In order to make room for the new trees we had to get rid of some old ones. There were 5 Bradford Pears lining the driveway and they were breaking all the time so we decided to cut them down and plant the fruit trees there. So The Man got a new chain saw for the occation and he and Poppa cut down the Bradford Pears. Then we hauld all the brush back to the barn and dug the holes for the new trees. All in all we got alot of work done. I'll have pictures soon, just wanted to make a quick post to let you know that we're alive.

We really had a good weekend. Got alot down and planned alot more!! The Man and Poppa were planning all kinds of things. I think the next projects will include a deck, new outside doors, lighting inside and out, and updating the fireplace. Between the two of them I know they can get it all done...and then some.

I think thats about it for tonight...really tired. Until next time, Ya'll have a good one!!!

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