Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Good Day

We have had such a great day. Woke up early and had coffee outside. Then we got dressed and headed down to the farmers market. I was in search of green beans to make Gabbie some baby food. We were in luck!!! Got some of those, some zucchini for dinner tonight and a bucket o' blackberries for dessert. I have a feeling that we will be heading there more often. There were farm fresh eggs, homemade breads, jams, and all kinds of produce. All the produce looked great too!

After that we went to one of my favorite places for a hike, Old Stone Fort Archaeological Park. Its one of two Mississippian mounds in Tennessee and only a 15 minute drive from the house. It was Gabbie's first hiking trip and she had a BLAST!!! I figured she would either fall asleep or start fussing but she did neither. She was awake and alert the entire time except for the last 5 minutes when she finally fell asleep, like she knew that the end was right there. It was a great day!

I was so excited this morning. I truly felt like a kid again. As children Poppa would take Mabel and I hiking all the time. We went all over the place!! We were always getting into something one the weekends. And yes dad, if you're reading this, I did end up with rocks in my backpack. I haven't split them yet but I'm almost positive of what I'll find;) I finally know what it feels like to hike out with a pack full of rocks. I think that was where you made a mistake, you carried them. I think that if Mabel and I had had our own packs and had to carry all the rocks in them, we would have brought alot less home. So when Gabbie is big enough for her own pack, she's definitely getting one!!

Even Auntie Mabel was there in spirit (raccoon tracks)!! I think next time we are going to take the girls with us. Now that we know how Gabbie is going to be, it will be easy for me to wrangle the dogs. Now we're home napping. Gonna have a great dinner and hopefully we'll sleep through the night, but I'm not holding my breath!!! Until next time!!


  1. that's the way to Break her in!!!


  2. Dad also said, "glad she's carrying the rocks." LOL!

    I loved this post for so many reasons... Love you all... see you soon!