Thursday, September 1, 2011


I can finally say that 95% of my projects are finished!!! YIPPY!!!! I shall now show you want I've been working on the past couple of weeks!

First are the bags for my sister and cousin-in-law. They are both young girls and LOVE their bags!! These are made from my diaper bag that I made last year. Needless to say they are HUGE; just big enough for the girls. They had a bit of fabric left over so I made them both a same zipper pouch and a roll up tote. I hadn't made the tote before and changed it a bit after making the first one. These are nice to have around and it fits in your had so you can throw them anywhere!!! I'll be making more of these!!

I hope the girls like them. I know they've been waiting and I'm so sorry that I haven't gotten them done sooner. In my defence I did warn them that it may take a bit considering I have a 7 month old to chase after!!

Next are two small projects. This is something that I found on one of the many craft sites I visit on a daily basis. Its simple. A painted frame wrapped in twin. Use small clothes pins to attach photos. Its so cute though!!

The next is too simple. We did these magnets as a family craft project several weekends ago. I had this metal tray laying around. I bought it at the Dollar Tree during Christmas. Simple add ribbon and viola! A cute magnet board. Insert you favorite picture, Mother and I cuddling when I was very little!! Too cute again and so simple!

I've also crocheted 2 beanies for The Man, which i didn't take any pictures of. Again I found a very simple pattern and made one in about a day.

You will probably notice that there's not anything for my niece. That's because The Man voiced his opinion and told me NOT to make her a quilt. He had something else in mind and we both agreed to go with his idea. So I'm starting over on her main gift but will continue with the little things I had planned. I will post them when they are finished and safely in the hands of my sister-in-law. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise by posting them before she sees them!!!

I am child and husband-less today. The Man is off cutting wood and Gabbie is with her grandmother. I will be finishing up all my cleaning for the up coming weekend. my in-laws are coming in from NC, Poppa and Step-Mommie from Ohio, and Mabel from Bama. Yes another family weekend!!! Gotta love them. Hopefully I will get some baking done. The Man wants some cookies and I always bake for my father-in-law. Its tempting to sit and craft though. I'm gonna hurry and get it all done so maybe, just maybe, I'll have a bit of time to craft in peace.

Well, I'm off!! I'll see you after my weekend, hopefully I'll have some pictures to show off!! Until next time!!


  1. Love the bag sets you made...enjoy your family weekend!

  2. I can't wait! I'm counting the hours!